Minimum monthly fee

Minimum monthly billing for the sum of all transaction fees for all payment methods .

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Ideal for companies that process more than 50.000 USD

Accepted methods

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Debit and credit cards
American Express
American Express
Master Card
Master Card
*Plus Tax

What's included

Opening an account with us will allow you to access a host of services and features to provide your customers with a first-class payment experience.

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International payments

Your clients would be able to pay with international cards, which translates into more sales for your business. Also, you will receive your money with the same speed as a local transaction.

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Anti-fraud module

Protect your business and your customers from fraud, using machine learning that recognizes risky patterns of behavior, validating secure transactions, and raising alerts for suspects in real time.

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Integration assistance

Count with the support of a person focused on your business to help you in your integration process and resolve any questions you may have.

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Unique payment experience

Provide a complete and customizable payment experience from your website, or accept payments through payment links, sharing them through any social network or messaging app. You can also use tokenization in all your transactions so that your customers can later buy with a single click.

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Unified control panel

Find all your account information in one place. Here you can access reports of your transactions, generate payment links and have control over your sales.

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Installments and recurring payments

Accept installments and receive the entire heap on the first payment. Set recurring payments of fixed or variable amounts, and have a constant money flow for your business.


How is the minimum monthly fee calculated?

The minimum monthly fee corresponds to the minimum monthly billing for the sum of all transaction fees for all payment methods. For example, if in a month the sum of your commissions is 5 USD and the minimum fee is 150 USD, you will be billed 150 USD. In another case, for example the sum of your commissions is 175 USD and the minimum fee is 150 USD, 175 USD will be billed.


Are there any additional fees?

In addition to the transaction fee, in some countries we operate with a minimum monthly invoice that varies according to the size of your business.


Can you deposit to different accounts?

When you create an account in Kushki, you have to indicate a single bank account to which we will make transfers.


Do you accept international cards?

We do, but we need to perform a risk assessment before you can process international cards.

Gracias a Kushki hemos logrado duplicar nuestras ventas por canales digitales y reducir en un 90% los errores transaccionales.

Bruno Ocampo

Co-Founder & CEO, Mi Águila

Con Kushki hemos logrado que más clientes recarguen su teléfono desde nuestra aplicación móvil.

María Fernanda Calderón

Gerente de Experiencia & Digitalización - Telefónica Ecuador

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